What we do

The focus of our site is on the reliable production of high-quality medicinal products. This is guaranteed on the one hand by our range of reliable active ingredients, and on the other hand by our modern machinery with extensive automation functions of the latest generation. For example, a new pharmaceutical mixer, a coater, a fluid bed granulator and a high-speed blister line were installed between 2018 and 2021 to improve the performance and capacity of the plant.

Of the approximately ten active substances processed by us, the proton pump inhibitor Pantoprazole takes the top position with approx. 700 to 800 million tablets per year. This makes us one of the largest manufacturers of Pantoprazole medicines in Europe. Other top products are various statins, citalopram and carbamazepine. 

In addition to prescription medicines, OTC preparations complete our range: Well-known medicines sold under the Aristo Pharma brand are Sedariston® capsules, Solidago Steiner® and Sogoon®.


We have modern facilities for the production of tablets and their proper packaging into blisters. The heart of our tablet production is the ultra-modern high-speed blister line, which packs all common tablet formats at a speed of up to 700 blisters per minute.

We produce an average of two billion tablets per year – at full capacity our production reaches quantities of over three billion. After compression, the active ingredients and excipients are usually coated with a coating film before being packed in blisters and folding boxes. Filming the finished tablet formulations gives the active ingredients a protective layer to minimise the influence of light, air and oxidation. A coloured film also helps to distinguish between different tablets.

We also offer the possibility of coating tablets. Dragees are considered the precursor of film-coated tablets: they are coated with a layer of sugar, which covers up any unpleasant taste or smell of the tablet core.